1. if y’all want to be seeing what i’m posting still follllow me there because this is the last post you’ll see here.

  2. 14:38

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    Follow my new blog ttrashboatt.tumblr.com

  3. 04:32 15th May 2012

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    stupid tumblr hasn’t sent the confirmation email for my new blog yet i’m going to kick it’s ass.

    in case you haven’t heard i’m in the process of switching to a new blog the url is going to be ttrashboatt.tumblr.com so if you want to be following me still go follow that.

  4. omg when i remade this tumblr it wouldnt send me the email either i wanted to die

    i’m assuming it sent it eventually?  how long id it take?

  5. 20:28

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    dude fucking tumblr i got a new account and it won’t send me the stupid confirmation email god damn it

    but anyway, unless it never sends me the stupid email, my new url is ttrashboatt.tumblr.com

    after a few days i’ll probably delete this one and use callate-dipshit for the new one idk maybe maybe not but yeah ttrashboatt for now.

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    all i’ve done today is lie around and be bummed.  i haven’t even listened to an music or anything all day.

    my body hurts.

    My girlfriend is really bad at typing. If her day is anything like how I imagine her days to be when I’m not around her, she meant this:

    all i’ve done today is lie around and be $3xXxY.  i haven’t even listened to music or anything all day.

    my body hurts, from how $3xXxY i am.


  7. 17:04

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    Just watched a guy get way freaked out by a picture of some guys in drag. Man, it’s really unfortunate that i didn’t find out about this fear of his until the last day of lab. I could have made this class so much more fun.

  8. 14:48

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    When i get home i’m deleting this blog and making a new one i’m sorry but my dash is clogged as hell with people being offended by literally everything because apparently that’s what people feel they need to do if they have a tumblr or with people posting pictures of lady gaga and saying “we were born dis way~*~” or posts that are like “omg tumblr is so much better than facebook ppl on facebook r so fake” and bs like that idk i’m over it and the damage is too much to fix at this point so i’m sorry but you don’t need to follow me again if it bothers you that much.

  9. 23:26 13th May 2012

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    I’m thinking of deleting this blog and starting a new one bc i’m following too many people i’m probably going to sorry bout it.

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    for girlfriend.

    for girlfriend.

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